Homemade Peanut Butter

This is a recipe that I tried for the first time this week—I never even thought about making homemade peanut butter until I ran out while I was in the middle of making Molly’s lunch. I grabbed some ingredients in my cupboard, and it came out so delicious and was incredibly easy to make. I think this is going to become a staple recipe in the Potter household! I especially love that it’s all natural without any additives, and I can make it to whatever consistency I like. Ingredients: 1 cup of peanuts 3 tablespoons of honey The ingredients are pretty straightforward: take about a

cup of peanuts and add them to a food processor. Then, add a pinch of salt and let the food processor do its thing, pulsing the nuts until they look like little pebbles. When they get to this consistency, add in some the honey (peanut butter and honey together is AMAZING) and continue to pulse. The peanut butter

will look a little grainy at this point and the honey will make it start to smooth out. I personally like my peanut butter to be chunky and thick, but if you prefer a smoother consistency, feel free to add some peanut oil and blend it in to make it nice and smooth. This homemade peanut butter stores really well in a mason jar (for about a month in your fridge). If it dries out a bit, just add a little more peanut oil to the top of the jar and stir in. Trust me, this is the best peanut butter you’ll ever have. Enjoy!