Dry Nose Remedies

One of my least favorite things about winter is waking up with a dry nose. Not only is it painful, it gets worse and worse throughout the season if I leave it untreated. Thankfully, I have my go-to Dry Nose Remedies that keep my nose moisturized and happy throughout the season. If you suffer from a dry nose during the winter as well, try out these three remedies—they’ll change your life! Coconut Oil I apply about a quarter teaspoon of virgin coconut oil to the inside of my nostrils before going to bed. Coconut oil is not only incredibly soothing to your skin, it’s also antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-fungal, and antibacterial, helping you stay healthy throughout the cold season! Aloe Vera Gel and Sweet Almond Oil Throughout the day, I’ll apply a quarter teaspoon of sweet almond oil mixed with a quarter teaspoon of aloe vera gel. I find that if my nose is already irritated, this is great for soothing the skin inside my nostrils and preventing the delicate skin from cracking. Just mix the two ingredients together and apply to the inside of your nostrils with a Q-tip. Steam Last of all, every night before bedtime, I try to do a steam bowl treatment by holding my face over a bowl of hot water with a towel over my head, covering both my head and the bowl. I find the steam moistens the membranes inside my noise and helps clear out any stuffiness I may have. I like to follow my steam bowl treatment with an application of coconut oil right before I go to bed.