Banana Coconut Oil Hair Mask

This banana coconut oil hair mask is hands down the easiest hair mask to make and it does wonders for my hair. I try to do this at least once a month, especially if my hair’s starting to feel dry. My favorite thing is that it’s all natural, and is rich with antioxidants and nutrients for your hair. Try it out and you’ll love it! Ingredients 1 very ripe banana 1 tablespoon of coconut oil Throw the banana and coconut oil into a

blender and mix until it all becomes a smooth paste. Apply the paste to your hair and let it saturate for around 20-30 minutes. I normally coat my hair with the mask and wrap my head with saran wrap under a hot towel for maximum absorption. The heat will allow your hair cuticles to open and really let the nutrients penetrate the scalp. Rinse well and follow up by washing with shampoo and conditioner. Style as usual.